With some hours of delay I’m here writing a post about past year, new year, what I did and what I will do.
University in the past year went quite well, I also had the most importart thing: the healt; so really, I’ve nothing to complain about.
My usual Christmas trip ended just a bunch of hours ago, now I’m back at home with some new toys to play with.
I just love to go away the week across Christmas and Sylvester’s day, this way I don’t have the problem to go buy presents, I’ve not the problem to decide what to do the last night of the year.
I just know these days I will be away from home and it makes me feel so relaxed.
Doing presents is something I really don’t understand, I’m used to go out and buy whatever I need, probably I’m lucky, but I already have what I want.
Starting from that point, whatever present someone will give me will be something I don’t need, just think how much stuff you have in your house that you never use and you have just because someone give it to you; if someone is importart for me he will still be it even if he didn’t gave me a present on my birthday or Christmas.
Coming to the present I gave to myself, it is an ASUS Crosshair V Formula; after 3 dead MSI I decided it was time to buy something well know for being good.

By the way, I will talk about this stuff in the next post, lemme close this one wishing you an happy new year and all the best for this 2012.