After the epic fail experience with Faildozer I dediced to use the latest litres of LN2 to freeze the P4 631 I had laying on the desk for some time.
Honestly I didn’t expected to get such high clock.

CPU: Pentium 4 631 – VCORE 1.95 volt – VTT 1.5 – VPLL 1.6
cooling: Guglio’s CPU pot rev 2.0
MB: Rampage Extreme
RAM: Crucial PC3-12800 D9-GTS – 1.9 volt – white slot
VGA: nvidia 6200 LE 256 MB PCI-E
HDD: seagate 7200.10 160 GB sata
PSU: PCP&C 1200
OS: 2k3 server

validate CPU-Z

After had tried 2 Commando and 1 P5B Deluxe without having good results (because of the mobos beying half dead…) I went back to the trusty Rampage Extreme.
It’s definetly not the best choice to max a P4 but it was the only 100% working mobo I had at the moment.
I’m quite sure that with a Commando is possible to archieve a better result but for now I have no time to find another one and mod it.
My plan now is to get a decent Faildozer chip and have fun with it, then, maybe, I will revisit P4 and Celeron saga.