– updated on 22.10.2010 –

I think the title is self-explicative…I got a new 2600K and just like the precedent ones it’s a piece of crap.
The only ‘interesting’ thing is that this is a quite rare CPU, in fact it comes from Costa Rica plants.
It max out at the poor frequency of 5460 MHz, just a bunch of MHz higher than my precedent CPU.

**config: **

_i7-2600K @ SIngle Stage
EVGA P67 SLI :: bios A118-A121
G.Skill RipjawX 2133 cas8 + Kingston HyperX 2000 cas8 :: Elpida MNH-E / MGH-E Hyper
6200 LE PCI-E
PC P&C 1200
Kingston SSD now 64GB
Win 2k3 Server TW fully tweaked + custom copywaza _

**1M – 6.750s :: 32M – 6m 8.188s **

**3Dm 01 – 106883 :: AM3 – 359872 **

I also tried a new BIOS for the EVGA, the A121; it seems a bit better stability wise without loosing in performance and RAM compatility if compared with A118.
Keep going this way EVGA.