I would like to write another kind of title, something like Benches and lots of fun, but when da biatch is involved you better forget the word fun.
So, no fun, or at least not as much fun as when benching with 1366 stuff, but still worth to write a small article here.
Same stuff as the previous writeup except for the CPU, yesterday I went to a local PC shop and bought a 2600K for a good price.
Not a killer chip but also not that bad, I would say that I’m quite happy cause this one behaves well at -50° C and works bench stable at 5400 MHz.
With this frequency I’m quite sure that a good ammount of n44bs are going to be pwned in the next weeks, the main objective is to do a good 3dmark 01 (with good I mean 123k +) using a single GTX280 and LN2 cooling.


i7-2600K # L044B675
Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3 – bios F3
KHX 2k cas8 MGH-E-Hyper
PCP&C 1200 Watt
6200 LE for 2d :: GTX 280 for 3d stuff
WD scorpio 160 GB sata :: Maxtor DMAX 200 GB sata
2003 Server TW tweaked + custom CW :: XP sp3
Single Stage rotary 1.2 HP phase change

This time I did a quick run with alot of benchmarks, 01, am3 and super-pi 32M are well tweaked, all the other stuff were runned only to get some points on the bot and make HwProject.net go past 7000 points.

Super-PI 32M :: 6.11.078

Pifast :: 13.61

WPrime 32M :: 4.562

WPrime 1024M :: 142.422

3Dmark 01 :: 115567

Aquamark3 :: 400538

3Dmark 03 :: 71202

3Dmark 05 :: 39213

I would like to use 2133 divider also in 32M and Pifast but like probably you already know da biatch sucks monkeyballs and act weird with Elpida Hyper…so 1866 or freeze/reset with 2133.
Anyway Super-pi 32M and 3Dmark 01 looks quite good, so I’m happy…after march 3 I will do a small LN2 session just to see how the 280 goes, hopefully she will give me 123k + in 01.
We will see.

p.s. If you wanna know what’s the difference betwen 2500K and 2600K here’s a quick test -> click here <-