Altcoin Prices

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How do I install Altcoin Prices?

Altcoin Prices is entirely open source and licensed under GPLv3.
You can check out the source code here on GitLab and use Gradle or Android Studio to build your own apk file.

The more convenient way to get Altcoin Prices is from F-Droid

Get it on F-Droid

How can I support the developer?

I accept cryptocurrencies donations:



Ethereum (and ERC20 tokens):



Altcoin Prices do not tracks its users in any way, data are fetched directly from cryptocompare using its API.
I encourage people to take a look at the code and report any bug or security hole they can find.

I found a bug

Please report it using the issue tracker.
If you are experiencing misbehavior or crash please provide detailed steps on how to reproduce the bug.
Always mention the version of the app you are running.