Crucial M4, new FW released ·
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Crucial M4, new FW released

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Yesterday Crucial released a new firmware for its M4 SSD series, the new version (codename 000F) is supposed to address some issues which used to appear when using the SSD connected to certain SATA/SAS controllers and generally improve stability and reliability.
Changes between version 0309 and 000F include the following changes:

  • Improved compatibility with certain SAS expanders and peripheral RAID cards.
  • Improved throughput stability under extremely heavy workloads.
  • Improved data protection in the event of unexpected, asynchronous power loss.
  • .:. Firmware download page

    Going against one of my first rules “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” I decided to update the firmware of the M4-128 I’ve in my Thinkpad.
    Updating BIOS, firmware or whatever you want through Windows based software is something I always feel unsecure, so even this time I went with the USB/boot procedure.
    Like the last time Unebootin did the trick, 2 clicks and 30 seconds and the USB stick was ready to flash.
    Just to be sure everything was fine I did the usual “previous and after” comparison.

    .:. previous :: 0309

    .:. after :: 000F

    Like the screenshots clearly show there isn’t any notable performance difference, so, if the SSD is correctly working I will not bother updating.