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i7-950 + E760 + STT 2k = 32M fun

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After 3 weeks of prestesting now it’s time to put my new E760 under LN2.
The config is still pretty the same I’ve used in the past 3 month except for the RAM, this time I used a good 3×2 GB kit of SuperTalent.

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i7-950 #3936A695
EVGA 3-way SLI Classified – bios 77
STT 3×2 GB 2000 cas8 MGH-E-Hyper
nVidia 6200LE 256 MB PCI-E
WD scorpio 160 GB
PC Power & Cooling 1200 watt

Guglio’s CPU POT rev 2.0
CB -119° C
CBB -110° C

6.47.031 // 5230 MHZ // 9th on Hwbot.org

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Unfortunately after about 3 hours the mobo stop working so I had to stop testing…
Here is the link to a thread opened on HwProject.net (click here).