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Lately I had an interesting debate with a friend of mine, he works for a small company which works in the IT field. For obvious reason I will not write the name of the company nor who my friend is, anyway, what they do is the classical technical service and maintenance, servers machine deployment, system administration and so on. These days everyone needs some kind of IT Infrastructure, everyone needs an ERP system, etc etc; obviously they have quite a lot of work with small/medium business companies.

Once in a while I happen to have to know how much time a certain function needs to be executed. While many programming languages have built in functions (time in Python, System.nanoTime() in Java and so on) to get this information, C doesn’t appear to have one. There is timec.h but it appears to be quite inaccurate, so if extremely high accuracy is needed we have to rely on something else; the downside is that these much more reliable libraries are not platform independent.

Nerd gonna nerd

Today officially started my summer holiday, 5 days ago I had my last exam at university and now finally I’ve the time to do all the things I can’t find the time to do the rest of the year. The majority of the people on earth awaits the summer holiday to completely stop doing what they do the entire year, pack things up and go away from home for as much as they can.

Major upgrade

OK, not exactly an upgrade, but still an improvement over my precedent configuration. You have to know that I used for a long time – years – a dual monitor configuration, something like 6 months ago one of the two monitors went nut and I had to replace it. Obviously it was already discontinued by some time so I had to replace both my monitors, I decided to buy a single Dell U2412M (here is the post I wrote).

Today I had the bad luck to have to deal with a damn Macbook Pro on which I need to install a retarded software (IBM Rational Software Architect). Despite RSA becoming one of the worst piece of crapware I’ve ever seen this time it wasn’t the problem. The Macbook was one of the latest model, a 13″ one equipped with a Core i5 Sandy Bridge CPU and an awesome “a certain amount of GB” 5400 RPM hard disk drive…everything sold at the fair price of 1200 or so €.

My new love: Python

Past Friday’s afternoon, around 3 pm, I was at university, specifically I was in one of the libraries and I was reading a book titled “Concurrency”; it’s about engineering concurrent systems using the modelling software LTSA and then write the actual program in Java. While reading I was also talking with two friends of mine about a problem another friend found on a book; to make a long story short, the problem was about balancing a predefined non-balanced random function.

AMD and LN2

Yesterday’s afternoon and today I had a LN2 trip with two AMD setup. I was aiming to break the 7 GHz wall with the trusty Phenom II 955 B.E. and improve my precedent results on socket 939 with the Opteron 148. I failed in reaching 7 GHz with the 955, tho I managed to improve just a little bit my Super-pi 1M score…still not satisfied with it but it is better than nothing.

What is the best way to kill time when you have close to nothing to do ? Easy, run Super-pi 32M using an CPU which takes more than 20 minutes to complete each run…so I did it and killed with easy 8+ hours trying to pull, tho without success, a sub 21 min 32M run with my trusty Opteron 148. Anyway, the result is still kinda worth to be posted here.

Yesterday Crucial released a new firmware for its M4 SSD series, the new version (codename 000F) is supposed to address some issues which used to appear when using the SSD connected to certain SATA/SAS controllers and generally improve stability and reliability. Changes between version 0309 and 000F include the following changes: Improved compatibility with certain SAS expanders and peripheral RAID cards. Improved throughput stability under extremely heavy workloads.

Ten days ago I had an LN2 session together with this Opteron 148; finally today I’ve the time to write a post here and talk about that. .:. SETUP: CPU: Opteron 148 cabrio @1.5*123% volt – CABYE 0536GPMW cooling: Guglio’s CPU pot 2.0 (CPU) and 1.0 (RAM) MB: DFI nForce 4 Ultra-D – bios 623-2 RAM: Corsair PC3500C2 2×256 MB :: Winbond BH-5 – yellow slots VGA: nvidia 6200 LE 256 MB PCI-E