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Yesterday Crucial released a new firmware for the whole M4 SSD lineup, the update over 0009 version was needed because of the so called “5200 hours bug”. Basicly, every M4 after a power on time of 5200 hours or so will start to hung every hour, this is because something is messed up with the SMART data. This new firmware resolve this bug. Yesterday’s evening I’ve upgraded at this new version of the firmware the M4-128GB I’ve in my Thinkpad.

8 GHZ the hard way

After the epic fail experience with Faildozer I dediced to use the latest litres of LN2 to freeze the P4 631 I had laying on the desk for some time. Honestly I didn’t expected to get such high clock. SETUP: CPU: Pentium 4 631 – VCORE 1.95 volt – VTT 1.5 – VPLL 1.6 cooling: Guglio’s CPU pot rev 2.0 MB: Rampage Extreme RAM: Crucial PC3-12800 D9-GTS – 1.9 volt – white slot

Last friday and saturday I had a 2 day LN2 trip with the CVF and my FX-4100 crap CPU. Results were not good due to the crappy CPU but at least I had fun pushing the setup at its limit. I only had time to test max frequency and do some super-pi 32M, then the CPU died. SETUP: CPU: FX-4100 – vcore 2.05 volt, vmch 1.65 volt cooling: Guglio’s CPU pot rev 2.

I couldn’t resist, I’ve picked up a CVF to replace the crappy MSI 990FX. Today I had the time to do some tests along with a set of G.Skill 2133c8 and an FX-4100. CPU: FX-4100 (later I will write down the batch) – vcore 1.5 volt, vmch 1.65 volt cooling: single stage on CPU, everything else air cooled MB: Crosshair V Formula – bios 1003 RAM: G.Skill RipjawX 2133C8 – Elpida MNH-E-Hyper – 1.

With some hours of delay I’m here writing a post about past year, new year, what I did and what I will do. University in the past year went quite well, I also had the most importart thing: the healt; so really, I’ve nothing to complain about. My usual Christmas trip ended just a bunch of hours ago, now I’m back at home with some new toys to play with.

After quite long time away from overclock due to the fact that the current generation hardware looks quite crappy and every other things I have except the trusty 1366 setup is dead or half dead I decided to forget performance and every other thing, go back 6 months and play with the i7-950 togheter with THE MOTHERBOARD, also known as EVGA X58 SLI Classified E760, and my favourite Elpida Hyper kit when “low” frequency and tight timings are required, the Super Talent Chrome 2000 cas8.

Even if the new AMD Bulldozer CPUs are crap I had an FX-4100 on the desk for 1 month or so, finally 2 days ago I had my 3rd MSI 990FXA-GD80 (the precedent two died cause MSI is a dumbass company that is not able to pull out a working bios). This third board came with an old 11.2 bios that doesn’t support Bulldozer CPUs, so I had to plug in a Deneb chip and flash another bios to be finally able to play with my new CPU.

Finally the SSD I bought 2 weeks ago has arrived, it’s a Crucial M4 128 GB already equipped with the 0009 firmware. The biggest problem I had to face when installing it was the thickness of the SSD, the notebook just supports 0.7 cm hard disk but the SSD is 0.9 cm thick. After some thinking I came up at an end: there is no way to put it inside the notebook with its damn metallic case.

After one year or so without a notebook I decide the time to buy a new one is arrived. I’ve to say that I didn’t remember how difficult is to find a decent laptop, 99.999999 % of them are crap. Quite everyone have a damn glossy monitor, a completly useless DVD drive (good only to make the weight grow) and no E-Sata port. Other than that you can add that 85 % of them are also made with very poor materials, superthin plastic case and a very annoying flexible keyboard.

– updated on 22.10.2010 – I think the title is self-explicative…I got a new 2600K and just like the precedent ones it’s a piece of crap. The only ‘interesting’ thing is that this is a quite rare CPU, in fact it comes from Costa Rica plants. It max out at the poor frequency of 5460 MHz, just a bunch of MHz higher than my precedent CPU. config: i7-2600K @ SIngle Stage