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I am not so good in this kind of things, so I will be as short as possible. After a careful consideration I decided to leave my role on HwProject.net and also leave the HwBot team, the only reason of my choice – and I would like to remark that this is ONLY MY choice – is because I need more freedom to say, write and do what I want without constantly having a big stone over my head that is only waiting to fall down and kill me.

Nothing new to test, no exams at university, no news about bulldozer…so today I would like to talk about Gigabyte. In the last years I had lots of these overpriced piece of crap. The only one that was worth to be bought was the P35-DS4, after than this I had only a bunch of piece of crap. EP45-Extreme – had 3 of these – the first one arrived borked and never worked like it should do (especially considering it was 250 €), the second one after 4 months started to act weird, refuse to post with 4 DIMMs installed, then worked only with a set of Cellshock and finally died.

Today is a good day

Yeah, today is a good day, I woke up at 10 am, messed around for 2 hours and then had lunch. After lunch at 1 pm I had my 30 minutes of sports at TV and then went back to my PC and…and…that’s what I saw: HwBot.org link First thing I though was: WTF is that? another dumb fake result… But when I saw who is the guy that posted I IMMEDIATELY changed my mind, this wasn’t a fake, the guy is Macci, an overclocking legend who is working for AMD from many years.

Beside my latest AMD addiction I’m still thinking about getting my Sandy Bridge stuff working properly. Three weeks ago I bought an EVGA P67 SLI, I had a BIG hope on this mobo and after some testing I finally can say that I found a decent mobo for Sandy. This one boots straight at high BCLK, is quite solid and at least as fast as the Gigacraps I had before, now I’ve only to find a decent CPU.

I’m not having great luck with sandy’s CPU, so, when I saw this stuff on sale in a local online shop I tought: why not ? Last weekend I had a long LN2 session but due to moisture and other issues I cannot managed to push this setup to its limit. So, today I went to the LN2 dealer and refilled the dewar, go back home, had lunch and then start clocking.

After the small prologue of 3 weeks ago, here is the first round with my new uber cheapo and uber flucking crazy AMD stuff. Past weekend I and my HwProject.net fellows had 48 hours no stop benching. While they were focused on their HD5870 lightning + Sandy rig I was testing my new AMD stuff (much more fun than Sandy TBH). Despite the huge amount of time wasted cause of the ice and moisture I managed to get some good results too, and if the HD with 2k3 server wouldn’t had decided to die there would have been something more…

Exams at university are gone, HwBot this month host the interesting Geil contest, so here I’m with the trusty 920 and EVGA E760. To be honest the idea was to play with my new MSI 990FXA-GD80 and Phenom II 955 B.E. – bought them, not press samples for review or so – but the lack of decent BIOS for the mobo made me change the plan and give priority to the contest.

Today I’m NOT gonna write the usual report of an overclocking session or write about the latest nerdy thing that I play with. That’s kinda different, the purpose of this write-up is basicly answer to a simple question: why Intel 1155 stuff sucks that badly? Many people probably aren’t of the same thinking but I’m quite confortable to say that this latest Intel platform is a HUGE EPIC FAIL. The last medium range Intel platform that was really worth to play with was P35, socket LGA 775; back in those good days I had some really great board that i still have and still running smoothly.

Last weekend me, 7ornado and TheKing met in Castagnito (near Asti, Italy), we had some stuff to test and lots of LN2. My objectives were to improve my AM3 score with GTX 280 and do a good 3Dmark 01 with a new HD4890. As always we had a lot of fun and I also managed to pull out some good results. Config: i7-2600K # L044B675 Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3 – bios F3

Past friday I finally get some LN2 and did a 3 hours bench session in the afternoon. This time I was focused on 3Dmark 01 and Aquamark 3 with the trusty – and also crappy – GTX 280. Have to say that this time even with a not that good CPU and the crappiest GTX 280 I have ever seen on earth was alot of fun, 3Dmark 01 really rocks, and especially bench it alone is really a big satisfaction.