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I would like to write another kind of title, something like “Benches and lots of fun”, but when da biatch is involved you better forget the word “fun”. So, no fun, or at least not as much fun as when benching with 1366 stuff, but still worth to write a small article here. Same stuff as the previous writeup except for the CPU, yesterday I went to a local PC shop and bought a 2600K for a good price.

Like the title says after 2 months lost with dead board and RMA related stuff finally I’ve the pleasure to play with da biatch… Honestly, the only things that really impress me are the performances, this crap is scary fast in both of my favourite benchmarks: 3dMark 01 and Super-pi 32M. The bad thing is that quite everything except performance isn’t exactly like I would, just to name some problems:

Today I and my friend Guglio had a 4 hours LN2 bench session with my good old i7-920. After alot of pretesting with the Single Stage we managed to get a great 3rd place in the 920’s ranking on the bot. We are really proud of it because not many days ago some guys said that I’m a fucking lamer, probably they didn’t look at HWbot or at the 32M low clock challenge on XS…

While all the guys around there are working on the new Sandy Bitch stuff I’m still stucking with my old bloomfield setup. When something new come out I’m always a bit reluctant at the idea of buying without knowing everything about it, Sandy Bitch is freakin’ fast clock to clock but also have alot of downsides – just for example: no BCLKclocking, Elpida Hyper act weird with most CPU/mobo, 3dmark 01 gives strange results with everything except Gigabyte board and much more…

Not fancy stuff here, also not gay stuff or lo-vo crap…no way, I’m not going to do this, never. My way of life when talking about overclock is: “get the crap out of everything you have in your hand” and “if it scale feed it with MOOOOAR volt”. Even this time I’ve tried to do my best – and I think that something interesting came out. Like the title says here we are talking about the component that I love more: the RAM.

After 3 weeks of prestesting now it’s time to put my new E760 under LN2. The config is still pretty the same I’ve used in the past 3 month except for the RAM, this time I used a good 3×2 GB kit of SuperTalent. _Config: i7-950 #3936A695 EVGA 3-way SLI Classified – bios 77 STT 3×2 GB 2000 cas8 MGH-E-Hyper nVidia 6200LE 256 MB PCI-E WD scorpio 160 GB

Yesterday I, Coolbits, The King and |ron met in Monza, we had 30 litres of LN2 and some stuff to test. Config: Core i7-980x # 3020A – provided by Coolbits EVGA 760 // bios 74 – provided by AOC HD 4870 1 GB – provided by AOC KHX 2000 cas8 – provided by me P&C 1200 watt – provided by me OS and HD – provided by me Ryba / Sf3d CPU and GPU pot – provided by AOC // great POTs, but I still prefer mine The main objectives were to do a super-pi 32M, 06 and vantage with our HD4870.

Wednesday and thursday of the past week I and my 2 friends 7ornado (Simone) and The King (Marco) meet at Castagnito (Italy, near Asti, a place famous for wine and truffles). We had 100 litres of LN2 and a lot of hardware. 7ornado and the king used: i7-975 my A-Data 2133X MNH-E-Hyper HD4870 Sapphire 1 GB the good old Enermax Galaxy 1 KWatt ryba CPU and GPU pot I used:

Nothing special here, no WR or something like that but today finally I had 10 litres of LN2 to try my i7 950. I’m happy because it’s been a long time since I had a good bench session at LN2, in the last six months I lost my time with p4 (8.1 GHZ then the RE died….), phenom 1090T with a crappy MSI 890FX and another bunch of rubbish… Now seems that the luck is coming back, this 950 works pretty well.

Few weeks ago I got an i7 950 from ebay. The first impression was good, it has a really strong IMCH and it’s damn hot…then probably it has low cold bug. Before put it under LN2, as I always do, I’m testing it with my single stage phase change (for more info look at Cooling section). The maximum core frequency that I can reach isn’t that good, but I think that with more cold it will give me tons of others MHZ.