i7-950 + E760 + STT 2k = 32M fun

After 3 weeks of prestesting now it’s time to put my new E760 under LN2.
The config is still pretty the same I’ve used in the past 3 month except for the RAM, this time I used a good 3×2 GB kit of SuperTalent.

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i7-950 #3936A695
EVGA 3-way SLI Classified – bios 77
STT 3×2 GB 2000 cas8 MGH-E-Hyper
nVidia 6200LE 256 MB PCI-E
WD scorpio 160 GB
PC Power & Cooling 1200 watt

Guglio’s CPU POT rev 2.0
CB -119° C
CBB -110° C

6.47.031 // 5230 MHZ // 9th on Hwbot.org

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HwBot.org (click here)

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Unfortunately after about 3 hours the mobo stop working so I had to stop testing…
Here is the link to a thread opened on HwProject.net (click here).

AOC + Coolbits + Mafio = 06 and vantage fun with HD4870 !!

Yesterday I, Coolbits, The King and |ron met in Monza, we had 30 litres of LN2 and some stuff to test.


  • Core i7-980x # 3020A – provided by Coolbits
  • EVGA 760 // bios 74 – provided by AOC
  • HD 4870 1 GB – provided by AOC
  • KHX 2000 cas8 – provided by me
  • P&C 1200 watt – provided by me
  • OS and HD – provided by me
  • Ryba / Sf3d CPU and GPU pot – provided by AOC // great POTs, but I still prefer mine

The main objectives were to do a super-pi 32M, 06 and vantage with our HD4870.
The limit for 32M with 1.83 volt was around 5.7 GHZ, unfortunately we can’t feed the uncore with more than 1.45 volt because of stability issue with higher voltage…then low uncore frequency.
No matter what CPU PLL voltage we use, CBB and CB were both around -125°, not a great CPU.

super-pi 32M // 6.25.812 // 980x @ 5690 MHz // KHX 2k cas8 @ 7-7-6-18

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Not that great, but good enough for TOP 100 at 32M.

3Dmark 06 // 24659 // 980x @ 5473 MHz // KHX 2k cas8 @ 7-7-6-18 // HD4870 – 1035 / 950

2° place on HWbot.org

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3Dmark Vantage // 15118 // 980x @ 5319 MHz // KHX 2k cas8 @ 7-7-6-18 // HD4870 – 1020 / 950

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Pic of the rig

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I (look at my yellow T-shirt ) and |ron – we work, he chose what to eat for dinner

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Many thanks to |ron for the ospitality.

Meeting @ Castagnito (Asti, Italy) – 4/5 August 2010

Wednesday and thursday of the past week I and my 2 friends 7ornado (Simone) and The King (Marco) meet at Castagnito (Italy, near Asti, a place famous for wine and truffles).
We had 100 litres of LN2 and a lot of hardware.

7ornado and the king used:

  • i7-975
  • my A-Data 2133X MNH-E-Hyper
  • HD4870 Sapphire 1 GB
  • the good old Enermax Galaxy 1 KWatt
  • ryba CPU and GPU pot

I used:

  • 2x i7 950
  • DFI UT X58-T3eH8 (bios D615)
  • Kingston HyperX 2000 cas8 MGH-E-Hyper
  • GTX 280 Asus
  • P&C 1200 Watt
  • Guglio CPU and GPU pot

To be honest we planned to test a good 7600 GT already vmodded, we fired it up on a RE but this crappy mobo died at default setting all at air and also killed the video card.
We went ahead, while I focused on test the 950s my 2 friends start to test the HD4870 with their rig.
We expected a bit more from the CPUs, the 975 is pretty maxed out at 5.2 GHZ and the 2 950s work exactly the same, 5150 MHZ no 1 MHZ more.
The first 950 was really hot, the second one is more cold but scale really crap with the temperature…at least all of them have cold boot around -90° Celsius, cold bug at -130° C and all of them going crazy with vcore higher than 1.6 volt.
For my 3d test i chose the coldest one, it have lower coldboot (5/10° less than the other one) and eat less LN2.
I also haven’t the retenction system for my GPU pot, then I tried to use a vise but it was too small…luckily (not for the VGA 😆 ) I found some ties and with a bit of intelligence (lol, it’s not the best word to describe what i did… :D) the GPU pot was mounted.
Cause I’m too lazy to use neoprene and I don’t like kneed eraser I used only paper for insulate the card.

EVGA, 975 EE, thermos and our motto (don’t think that there is an english translation of it, BTW the sense is “do your best with what you have and don’t give up”).

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from left to right The King and Mafio.
our 50 L dewar (big mama for the friends 😀 ) in center

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DFI, 950, GTX 280…all seems normal but when I’m around nothing can be normal

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the card, the pot and “a bit” of ice/water after 3 ours of bench

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975, Classi 760, HD 4870 all at LN2

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the 2 950s

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Wensday at 11 pm we finished the first 50 L, then we had a shower and we went to a mojito party.
After some mojitos (never had a mojito like that, at least half was rum) and beers at 4 AM we went to sleep.
At 7.30 AM we get up and after some coffee and redbull we call the LN2 man because we needed another 50 L.
We put the dewar in the car and in 45 minutes we did 70 km (lol, this FIAT Punto 1900 CC JTD is crazy, 210 KM/H are damn easy on a road with limit at 90 KM/H).
At 12 oclock after the lunch we was ready to go, we benched until 10 PM when the LN2 was finished.
Except for the dead graphic cards and crappy CPUs all was good and we had a lot of fun.

7ornado and The King

3dmk03 / hd4870

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3dmk05 / hd4870

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Aquamark3 / hd4870

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They don’t have 06 because the LN2 was finished


AM3 / 364202

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I also did 365*** but the OS freezed while I was saving the screeshot

first 950, the hottest one

32M / 6.54.485

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the second 950

32M / 6.54.484

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Not a great results but I’m quite happy because I get all out of the rig and for the first time I use 2 pot alone and it was easy,
I din’t had any problem to keep the temp in the sweet temp range and at the same time bench.

Thanks marco for the hospitality and for these 2 crazy days.