Kingston HyperX are on fire

Not fancy stuff here, also not gay stuff or lo-vo crap…no way, I’m not going to do this, never.
My way of life when talking about overclock is: “get the crap out of everything you have in your hand” and “if it scale feed it with MOOOOAR volt”.
Even this time I’ve tried to do my best – and I think that something interesting came out.
Like the title says here we are talking about the component that I love more: the RAM.
Since DDR2 time I was in love with RAM, the time goes on but the memory addiction still persist.
I still have a KIT of Crucial PC8500 batch 18F – if you know about DDR2 you know what I’m talking about – and 2 KITs of Cellshock PC8000 D9-GKX – damn crazy RAM, love ’em – and PC6400 D9-GMH.
Ok, that’s enough, let’s make the pics talk…

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i7-950 #3936A695 lapped
EVGA 3-way SLI Classified – bios 77
KHX 3×2 GB 2000 cas8 MGH-E-Hyper
nVidia 6200LE 256 MB PCI-E
WD scorpio 160 GB
PC Power & Cooling 1200 watt

Rotary 1.2 HP SS

Set 2.06 volt, Cas 7 and go for sky high frequency…

2339.2 marks // 2400 MHZ // 7-8-7-24 1t

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HwBot link…click here

Using ONLY an i7-950 with a crazy solid IMCH I was able to reach the 5ft overall position (01/01/2011) on HwBot in the MaxxMem benchmark.
I’m saying “only an i7-950” because this benchmark is heavily influenced by CPU frequency, with a good 980x – that I don’t have at the moment – surely I could do much better result…that’s for sure.
Too bad that Elpida Hyper – both MNH-E and MGH-E – are EOL, these chip are something crazy, pump the VDIMM over 2 volt and they will show you the magic…PSC reach sky high freq with CAS 6 but when talking about performance Elpida Hyper are still the way to go.
Another important thing here is the PCB, Kingston did a crazy work, we haven’t alot of Elpida Hyper that scale at air with that high VDIMM…congrats Kingston for making such a crazy RAM, one of the best KIT I’ve ever had.

i7-950 + E760 + STT 2k = 32M fun

After 3 weeks of prestesting now it’s time to put my new E760 under LN2.
The config is still pretty the same I’ve used in the past 3 month except for the RAM, this time I used a good 3×2 GB kit of SuperTalent.

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i7-950 #3936A695
EVGA 3-way SLI Classified – bios 77
STT 3×2 GB 2000 cas8 MGH-E-Hyper
nVidia 6200LE 256 MB PCI-E
WD scorpio 160 GB
PC Power & Cooling 1200 watt

Guglio’s CPU POT rev 2.0
CB -119° C
CBB -110° C

6.47.031 // 5230 MHZ // 9th on

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Unfortunately after about 3 hours the mobo stop working so I had to stop testing…
Here is the link to a thread opened on (click here).

AOC + Coolbits + Mafio = 06 and vantage fun with HD4870 !!

Yesterday I, Coolbits, The King and |ron met in Monza, we had 30 litres of LN2 and some stuff to test.


  • Core i7-980x # 3020A – provided by Coolbits
  • EVGA 760 // bios 74 – provided by AOC
  • HD 4870 1 GB – provided by AOC
  • KHX 2000 cas8 – provided by me
  • P&C 1200 watt – provided by me
  • OS and HD – provided by me
  • Ryba / Sf3d CPU and GPU pot – provided by AOC // great POTs, but I still prefer mine

The main objectives were to do a super-pi 32M, 06 and vantage with our HD4870.
The limit for 32M with 1.83 volt was around 5.7 GHZ, unfortunately we can’t feed the uncore with more than 1.45 volt because of stability issue with higher voltage…then low uncore frequency.
No matter what CPU PLL voltage we use, CBB and CB were both around -125°, not a great CPU.

super-pi 32M // 6.25.812 // 980x @ 5690 MHz // KHX 2k cas8 @ 7-7-6-18

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Not that great, but good enough for TOP 100 at 32M.

3Dmark 06 // 24659 // 980x @ 5473 MHz // KHX 2k cas8 @ 7-7-6-18 // HD4870 – 1035 / 950

2° place on

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3Dmark Vantage // 15118 // 980x @ 5319 MHz // KHX 2k cas8 @ 7-7-6-18 // HD4870 – 1020 / 950

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Pic of the rig

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I (look at my yellow T-shirt ) and |ron – we work, he chose what to eat for dinner

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Many thanks to |ron for the ospitality.