CentOS, DNSCrypt and pdnsd

DNSCrypt installation process is pretty simple since it is present in the repository, pdnsd on the other hand is missing, luckily compiling from source is not that hard.For the sake of completeness I will also cover the procedure to install DNSCrypt from source, alternatively “yum install dnscrypt-proxy”.Install the required dependencies and get the source code:.:. pdnsd Compile and install:It is advisable to run pdnsd with its own unprivileged user and use a configuration file placed in the usual /etc directory. …

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DNScrypt-proxy 1.6.2, new configuration

The latest version of DNScrypt-proxy does not use anymore a single configuration file (“/etc/conf.d/dnscrypt-proxy”) but instead completely relies on systemd.Configuration is now split in two different files.

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