This month’s competition is called October rush, it consists in 7 or 8 stages each one lasting only three days.
Because of my last year or so in which I was close to completely inactive I don’t have anymore much hardware, one of the few things I still have is my socket 939 setup and a bunch of single core A64 CPUs.
The third stage of the competition was 3DMark 01 with the limitation of using a socket 939 CPU, which is exactly what I have.

.:. SETUP:
CPU: FX-55 Clawhammer cabrio @1.5*123% volt – CAA2C 0442GPMW
cooling: Single Stage 1.2 HP
MB: DFI nForce 4 Ultra-D – bios 623-2
RAM: Corsair PC3500C2 2×256 MB :: Winbond BH-5 – yellow slots
VGA: GTX 280 VGPU and CAPs mod
HDD: Maxtor DMAX 200 GB sata2
PSU: PCP&C 1200
OS: Windows XP sp3

The real issue of having a competition with such a tight schedule is that quite likely people will not have the time to pick up LN2.
Luckily looks like I wasn’t the only one affected by this issue, so at the end of the story the Single Stage was enough to take the lead and hold it for the whole competition.

.:. 3DMark 01 :: 50967 pt

.:. Link: Stage 3 page

Despite being 7/8 years old stuff, AMD socket 939 is still one of my favorite platform and I always enjoy playing with it.