Two weeks ago I gave my golden FX-55 Clalwhammer a run at LN2 but looks like I’ve not yet blogged about it; let’s do it then.
Since the first try using the single stage the CPU proved to be a good one but being a 130 nm voltage whore didn’t made the pretesting easy.
With the help of LN2 everything became easier and luckily the CPU loves volt and cold (the below result was made with a CPU temperature of around -100° C).

.:. SETUP:
CPU: FX-55 cabrio @1.5*123% volt – CAA2C 0442GPMW
cooling: Guglio’s CPU pot 2.0
MB: DFI nForce 4 Ultra-D – bios 623-2
RAM: Corsair PC3500C2 2×256 MB :: Winbond BH-5 – yellow slots
VGA: Matrox 4 MB PCI-32bit
HDD: Kingston SSDnow 60 GB sata2
PSU: PCP&C 1200
OS: 2k3 server TW

CPU-Z validate

FX-55 Clawhammer @ 4122.9 MHz – CPU-Z validate

The awesomeness of this result can be summed up with:

…And I have the feeling that this chip has some more in it, gotta give it another try and then focus on super-pi and pifast benchmarks.
Stay tuned, the rush for the top AMD 939 spot is just started.