Past friday I finally get some LN2 and did a 3 hours bench session in the afternoon.
This time I was focused on 3Dmark 01 and Aquamark 3 with the trusty – and also crappy – GTX 280.
Have to say that this time even with a not that good CPU and the crappiest GTX 280 I have ever seen on earth was alot of fun, 3Dmark 01 really rocks, and especially bench it alone is really a big satisfaction.

Before starting with pics and screens I would like to thanks some people:

  • my friend Guglio, he lent me the video card and this AWESOME pot
  • all of the morons that said that I’m a fucking noob
  • Volterra for making such a great PWM: no drop at 1.65 volt and at least 300 watt of load with naked mosfets…that’s crazy


_i7-2600K # L044B675
Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3 – bios F3
KHX 2k cas8 MGH-E-Hyper
PCP&C 1200 Watt
GTX 280 :: VGPU and CAPs mod
Maxtor DMAX 200 GB sata
XP sp3 _

_Single Stage rotary 1.2 HP phase change- CPU
Guglio’s GPU pot rev 1.0 _

3Dmark 01 :: 120633

Aquamark3 :: 411392

Both of the scores are really good considering the poor frequency of CPU and Graphics card.
As for the 280, it run with no CB or CBB but doesn’t scale with temperature, -80° or -180 doesn’t make any difference, and also scale really bad with voltage, from 1.4 to 1.65 volt the gain was really small.
One thing I must say is that this UD4 is really a PITA, worst board I’ve ever used…doesn’t boot at BCLK different to 100 MHz – default…Gigabyte is focused on Touch BIOS crap and Z68 boards, so they have no time to fix the shitload of issue of their P67 boards…

That’s all, hope that you like these results, they took alot of effort and time but after all I’m really satisfied of what I did.