I am not so good in this kind of things, so I will be as short as possible.
After a careful consideration I decided to leave my role on HwProject.net and also leave the HwBot team, the only reason of my choice – and I would like to remark that this is ONLY MY choice – is because I need more freedom to say, write and do what I want without constantly having a big stone over my head that is only waiting to fall down and kill me.
While not having anymore any role on that site I will keep posting as simple user and I will continue to bench with my fellows overclocker.
As last thing I would like to remark that from today everything I will say, write and do will be just my thoughts, so if you have something to tell me write an e-mail or a PVT on xs, HwBot or HwProject.
Avoid to call frank or everyone else to ask for my telephone number because none will give it to you.

This is it.