While all the guys around there are working on the new Sandy Bitch stuff I’m still stucking with my old bloomfield setup.
When something new come out I’m always a bit reluctant at the idea of buying without knowing everything about it, Sandy Bitch is freakin’ fast clock to clock but also have alot of downsides – just for example: no BCLKclocking, Elpida Hyper act weird with most CPU/mobo, 3dmark 01 gives strange results with everything except Gigabyte board and much more…
– Back on topic – There’s not alot to say here, I did just a really quick run that end up with an interesting result.

  • the benchmark is always the same Super-PI 32M *


i7-920 D0 #3847A764
EVGA E760 – bios 77
STT 2k cas8 MGH-E-Hyper
PCP&C 1200 Watt
6200 LE PCI-E
WD scorpio 160 GB sata
2003 Server TW tweaked + custom CW
Single Stage rotary 1.2 HP _

**5153.2 MHz – 6.54.328 – efficiency: 2135115.05 **

*** UPDATE #1 * **


** 5173.9 MHz – 6.52.016 – efficiency: 2131729.58 **

*** UPDATE #2 * **


** 5174.0 MHz – 6.51.437 – efficiency: **2128775.04

* 6th place on HwBot.org *

That’s all for now, in the near future I would like to retest this CPU at LN2, hopefully I will get good results.
On a side note: I’m just wondering where are all the guys that posted 5.5+ GHZ CPUZ shots on the Bot.
CPUZ shots are lame stuff, we are all able to test a shit load of CPUs and find the golden one but looks like that only a bunch of guys can use it to bench some real benchmarks…