Not fancy stuff here, also not gay stuff or lo-vo crap…no way, I’m not going to do this, never.
My way of life when talking about overclock is: get the crap out of everything you have in your hand and if it scale feed it with MOOOOAR volt.
Even this time I’ve tried to do my best – and I think that something interesting came out.
Like the title says here we are talking about the component that I love more: the RAM.
Since DDR2 time I was in love with RAM, the time goes on but the memory addiction still persist.
I still have a KIT of Crucial PC8500 batch 18F – if you know about DDR2 you know what I’m talking about – and 2 KITs of Cellshock PC8000 D9-GKX – damn crazy RAM, love ’em – and PC6400 D9-GMH.
Ok, that’s enough, let’s make the pics talk…

click for full size…


i7-950 #3936A695 lapped
EVGA 3-way SLI Classified – bios 77
KHX 3×2 GB 2000 cas8 MGH-E-Hyper
nVidia 6200LE 256 MB PCI-E
WD scorpio 160 GB
PC Power & Cooling 1200 watt