Finally the SSD I bought 2 weeks ago has arrived, it’s a Crucial M4 128 GB already equipped with the 0009 firmware.
The biggest problem I had to face when installing it was the thickness of the SSD, the notebook just supports 0.7 cm hard disk but the SSD is 0.9 cm thick.
After some thinking I came up at an end: there is no way to put it inside the notebook with its damn metallic case.
So, I took the circuit out of its metallic case and just put it inside the notebook.
To hold it in the right position I had to use a thin foil of neoprene.

I second that this is not a good looking solution but this is the only way to install the M4 in this notebook.
I used it yesterday’s night for 4 or 5 hours and no overheat or any other kind of issue so far.
What follow here is a quick Atto disk benchmark I did just to be sure everything is going well.

Results seem quite OK considering the SSD is used as system disk and not completly unused as in many reviews.
This is not the first SSD I have, but this is definetly the first one which make me say: this thing is worth every penny I paid for it.
Last time this happened for an HDD was many, many years ago when I bought 2 WD Raptor 150 GB, in those days they were screaming fast if compared to every other SATA drive.
BTW, back on the SSD, installing Windows take quite the same time as what it takes when using the Seagate Momentus Thin (that, on a sidenote is a really great 2.5″ mechanical HDD) probably because I used an old USB 1.8″ HDD.
When Windows was up and running I had to install some programs, and hell, this takes half of half the time it usually takes to be done when using a mechanical HDD.
This will make every CL, as Davide Bianchi would say, screaming cause with an SSD they can:

  • open 10k application but the PC will remain fast and responsive;
  • do not defragment the HDD and still have a fast system – lol, give me 2 or 3 years, just the time an SSD will be put in any PC and I’m sure we will see lots of borked drives because of defrag;
  • install and uninstall 200 application per day without make their brains go nuts cause when installing the PC became slow.

So, go out and make every noob buy an SSD, so they won’t bother you because their PC is getting slower and slower – cause they are not able to use it in the right way.
Note that if you get paid to repair PC, do not buy them an SSD or they will not pay you to defrag their HDD. 😀