In late 2020 I gifted myself a Mazda MX-5 ND2, naturally aspirated 2 liters 184 HP engine, Bilstein suspensions and Recaro seats was the obvious choice.
In three years of ownership I drove more than 60000 kilometers, most of them just for the sake of driving.
After 6 months I replaced by myself the stock muffler with a more sportsy one, completely trashed three sets of tires, had a deer kill itself by jumping on the car’s hood while driving on Lukmanier pass in Switzerland and drove on quite a lot of epic roads.
When discussing Mazda MX-5 there is always a recurring argument: the fact that this car is capable of making you smile every time you drive it; it might seem silly but it really is true.
Without any doubt some of the money better spent of my entire life.

My intent here is to write down a list of nice roads I drove with this car, maybe some of my many recurring readers will find it interesting.

0. Route des Grandes Alpes

Multi day trip, at a fast pace it takes 3/4 days to complete. Best road trip I have ever had

1. Lukmanier pass

Great in both directions, I prefer the Blenio -> Disentis direction.

2. Furka pass

Hospental -> Gletsch direction is the one I like the most.

3. Grimsel pass

Gletsch -> Innertkirchen, uphill section from Gletsch to the pass is awesome.

4. Susten pass

Nice scenic road, Innertkirchen -> Wassen is my favourite way.

5. Passo del Gottardo

Paved road going from Airolo -> Hospental is a must, definitely in my top 5.

6. Nufenen pass

Zum Loch -> Airolo if you enjoy twisty uphill section, the other way around for a chill summer drive.

7. Passo del Faiallo

Awesome road, reminds me Gran Sasso roads in Abruzzo; Fado Alto -> San Pietro d’Olba is the go to direction. Beware that downhill section of the road is bumpy.

8. Passo Bric Berton

Aquiterme -> road SP210 to Passo Bric Berton -> Sassello -> San Martino -> Varazze

9. Passo del Terminillo

Very nice twisty road with good tarmac. Unfortunately I could only drive the uphill section from Rieti. Probably infested by bikes during summer.

10. Passo della bocchetta Faiallo

Gavi -> Passo della Bocchetta -> Passo del Faiallo -> San Pietro Dolba -> Rossiglione

11. Passo Valcava

San Michele -> Passo Valcava -> Valsecca -> Selino Basso -> Capizzone -> Bedulita -> Valcava

12. Passo San Marco

San Pellegrino Terme -> Passo di San Marco -> Morbegno

13. Passo Penice

Casteggio -> Passo Crocetta (SP20) -> Passo Penice -> Bobbio -> Farini -> Passo del Mercatello

14. Passo del Brallo

Varzi -> Passo Penice -> Bobbio -> Ponte Organasco -> Passo del Brallo -> Varzi

15. Col de Joux and

Most scenic road in Aosta Valley: Saint-Vincent -> Col de Joux -> Brusson -> Col Tsecore -> Saint-Vincent