Past Friday’s afternoon, around 3 pm, I was at university, specifically I was in one of the libraries and I was reading a book titled Concurrency; it’s about engineering concurrent systems using the modelling software LTSA and then write the actual program in Java.
While reading I was also talking with two friends of mine about a problem another friend found on a book; to make a long story short, the problem was about balancing a predefined non-balanced random function.
One of these two friends showed us how he solved the problem, the algorithm he wrote was written in Python.
When some hours later I was back home I did thought it was finally the time to install a Python interpreter and start playing with it. So I did it.
I got myself the latest release of Python interpreter and the Pydev plugin for Eclipse IDE, installation and configuration on Windows is incredibly straight forward, just a matter of pressing install and next 2 or 3 times.
I don’t have any Python book then as first programming guide I used the well known (at least here in Italy) site, if you are not Italian just google Python and you will find a huge amount of interesting PDFs and guides of any kind.
After had digged trough the Python guide in a bunch of hours (guess not more than 2 or 3) I felt myself just like the guy in this comics:

.:. for reference:

What really makes Python AWESOME (yes, awesome in lowercase is just not enough to describe how really great Python is) is it’s simplicity: there is no typing, no need to open parenthesis and syntax is really super easy.
It’s unbelievable close to the pseudo-code we see every day on the books but is also so powerful, definitely it is the best programming language I have ever used.
Check out the Programming ‘n' stuff section to see my Python programs (actually there should be one).