Today officially started my summer holiday, 5 days ago I had my last exam at university and now finally I’ve the time to do all the things I can’t find the time to do the rest of the year.
The majority of the people on earth awaits the summer holiday to completely stop doing what they do the entire year, pack things up and go away from home for as much as they can.
On the contrary, I like what I do the entire year and I don’t feel the need of doing something else; I just want to have the time to play with computer in a different way of what I have to do for university.
While everyone is thinking about sea, mountain, sports, etc etc I think what kind of program I may develop, what system I would like to build and so on.
This year my summer holiday is two weeks in Livigno; as usual I could not resist to get with me my laptop (actually there are two, mine and my father one’s) and a bunch of other hi-tech stuff.
So, this is what my setup will look like for the next two weeks:

Right now I’m playing with MPIR, an highly optimized C library for arbitrary precision math.
At a first look it could look overcomplicated (especially if not using the C++ extension like I’m doing) but the documentation is really well done (it’s a circa 150 pages PDF); just give it a read and you will be ready to rock.

Enjoy your holiday!!
Cheers, Fabio