Since I apparently got recurring readers (no, for real, I do) I suspect someone might actually have noticed how the look of the blog changed drastically a few weeks ago.
To explain what happened a bit of backstory is required; this blog is built using a static website generator called Gohugo, the way it works is basically the following:

  1. choose or build a theme from scratch.
  2. Write some articles in Markdown or some other memetic markup language.
  3. Customize the theme and look of the website by editing a yaml configuration file.
  4. Feed everything to the Gohugo binary which will produce some sleek plain HTML, CSS and maybe JS files.
  5. rsync the files to a webserver.
  6. ??
  7. Profit!!

Couple of months ago Gohugo developers introduced a few changes in the site builder engine that broke backward compatibility with every existing theme, unfortunately the developer of the one I was using still has to make it compatible.
So here is how got a nice solarized look.