Beside my latest AMD addiction I’m still thinking about getting my Sandy Bridge stuff working properly.
Three weeks ago I bought an EVGA P67 SLI, I had a BIG hope on this mobo and after some testing I finally can say that I found a decent mobo for Sandy.
This one boots straight at high BCLK, is quite solid and at least as fast as the Gigacraps I had before, now I’ve only to find a decent CPU.
Elpida Hypers are still making trouble with 32M, but nothing is perfect, so…take what you have and be happy with it.
Last week I bought a kit of G.Skill RipjawX pc17000 cas 8 assuming to get an Elpida BBSE kit and finally get that damn 32M running, but even this time I failed.
They came with a nice 8 layer green PCB, blue heatsink and a fancy RAM cooler but looking at the fourth picture below it’s clear they aren’t BBSE…the chips have blunt corners and this means only one thing: Elpida Hypers.
Like I expected they are a no go for super-pi 32M, but they shine for 3ds, so I’m quite satisfied.


i7-2600K @ SIngle Stage
EVGA P67 SLI :: bios A118
G.Skill RipjawX pc17000 cas 8 :: Elpida MNH-E-Hyper
8800 GT 512 MB :: no mod, just using an aftermarket heatsink
PC P&C 1200

I did alot of 3d benchmarks in order to understand what I should expect from this setup but I would like to post here only one screenshot that I think explain everything about this mobo and RAM.

Just look at the HwBot’s ranking and check out what kind of CPU and GPU frequency the guys around me are using.
Trust me, this EVGA is really fast, if you are a 3dmark 01 fanatic just like me this is what you should buy.
Despite my famous bad luck with every G.Skill I had in the past, this kit looks good, 2300 7-8-7-22 1t is completly bench stable.
Let’s see what I can do in the next days…