NFS allows to share files and folders over network and is much much faster than samba while using way less resources.
To setup a NFS server on Fedora 26 install:

$ dnf install nfs-utils

Shared directories are listed in the following configuration file:

# Syntax
# <path> <ipaddr>(<option>)

More information can be found here: Fedora NFS administration guide.
In the above example, the the directory ‘/home/user/Public’ can be accessed by every client in the same LAN with read-only permissions.
In case SELinux is active and enforcing rules some further configuration might be required:

### Allow nfs to share every file directory with read-only attribute
$ setsebool -P nfs_export_all_ro 1
### More NFS related SELinux flags can be found using the following command
$ semanage boolean -l | grep nfs

Enable NFS daemon service and start it:

$ systemctl enable nfs-server
$ systemctl start nfs-server

To mount a NFS share on a client type:

### mount -t nfs <server_IP>:/<path_to_dir> <mountpoint>
$ sudo mount -t nfs <SERVER_IP/HOSTNAME>:/home/user/Public /mnt/nfsshare/

To have the volume mounted at boot edit /etc/fstab accordingly:

<SERVER_IP/HOSTNAME>:/home/user/Public  /mnt/nfsshare/      nfs     rw,timeo=3000      0 0

timeo parameter is used to specify a timeout in milliseconds, adjust accordingly.