After quite long time away from overclock due to the fact that the current generation hardware looks quite crappy and every other things I have except the trusty 1366 setup is dead or half dead I decided to forget performance and every other thing, go back 6 months and play with the i7-950 togheter with THE MOTHERBOARD, also known as EVGA X58 SLI Classified E760, and my favourite Elpida Hyper kit when low frequency and tight timings are required, the Super Talent Chrome 2000 cas8.

_Setup: _

_i7-920 D0 #3847A764
EVGA E760 – bios 77
STT 2k cas8 MGH-E-Hyper
PCP&C 1200 Watt
6200 LE PCI-E
Kingston SSDnow V 64 GB
2003 Server TW tweaked + custom CW
Rotary 1.2 HP single stage _

Looks like I never did a super-pi 1M with this CPU, so this is it.

1M :: 7.766s – 5162.4 MHz

For the first two hours or so I had to fight with the board, probably she was upset cause I didn’t look at her for so long time.
If you haven’t had the pleasure to play with a Classified you have to know she is quite like the good old DFIs, many people dislike her cause she is complex and sometimes she decide to not work…but when she work you will forget every other board.
One of the last time I seriously benched with her was exactly 1 year ago, I was in Monza, at my friends Iron place.
Iron and 7ornado were fighting with their Sandy Biatch setup while I was testing a 980x and well, I went on for all the night, from 10 pm to 10 am of the day after.
12 hours at -190° C with the CPU at 1.9 volt and an highly overclocked HD4870 also at LN2.
Honestly the only other board I had that could do something like that was the darn awesome DFI X58-T3eH8.
Look at now, look at what we have today…
AMD is pure crap, their CPUs are crap and due to the fact they are selling wery bad none of the motherboards brand is willing to invest in bios development for their new 990FX mobos, so we have a bunch of motherboards that are quite like my MSI 990FXA-GD80 (killed 3 of them without doing nothing…check out my precedent post and you will find the complete story)…pieces of crap.
On the other hand, Intel is selling retarded CPUs with retarded limitations and quite bad overclocking capabilities, no cold scaling, no possibility to seek for a certain week or batch…just luck of the draw, buy as much chip as you can and hope to be very lucky to get a good one.
And, I bet Ivy Biatch will be as crappy as Sandy Biatch, so I’m seriously thinking about getting some 1366 CPUs and have fun with them.
None gives me money to bench certaing stuff, so fuck everything, fuck performance, I will seek the fun of overclocking, and if 1366 will remain the most complex and funny platform I will stick with it forever.