Yeah, today is a good day, I woke up at 10 am, messed around for 2 hours and then had lunch.
After lunch at 1 pm I had my 30 minutes of sports at TV and then went back to my PC and…and…that’s what I saw: link

First thing I though was: WTF is that? another dumb fake result…
But when I saw who is the guy that posted I IMMEDIATELY changed my mind, this wasn’t a fake, the guy is Macci, an overclocking legend who is working for AMD from many years.
That’s a BIG news for us, 8.4 GHz with a B2 step ES CPU is something way way better than what I expected.
8.4 GHz at liquid elium will likely be something around 8 GHz at LN2 and around 7.6/7.7 GHz for the single thread benchmarks.
Now, with all the fucktard limitations SandyBitch crap have and SandyBitch-E crap will have I’m starting to think that finally AMD can have a CPU to compete in the extreme overclocking world.
If the IPC of these new BD is 15/20% better than thuban/deneb stuff these CPUs will spank Intel really hard especially looking at how low priced this stuff is and how high priced the Intel crap is.
I will buy some of these CPU at the day one, that’s for sure