Android ROM scene is cluster fuck of inhumane proportion; the complete lack of documentation, decent how-to, decent guides and the retarded works for me attitude the whole community has really amazes me.
TWRP project is a good example of a really useful tool used by [millions] of people all over the world, one would assume that it has to be maintained in a professional way but this is as far from the reality as something can get.
The official site lacks any kind of documentation, the only information one can find there are either completely useless or partial and incomplete (e.g. the how to build from source guide linked on TWRP faq page is a link to a XDA forum post saying absolutely nothing on how to build this shit).
Not only that, but the site download page (one would hope that at least that part was taken care of…) is not up to date.
For bacon (oneplus one), which is a really popular phone among modders, the latest version present in the download page of the official TWRP site is the buggy and completely useless twrp-
To get the latest version (twrp- which supports file-system encryption on CM13 and correctly flash the baseband ROM one has to dig through a whole pile of shit on XDA and finally find a post where pajeet post a link where to download it:
The irony is that the link is from the TWRP official site even though it can’t be found anywhere on the bacon download page on the very same site.
In case someone decide to delete the file I am rehosting it here:

.:. Update

TWRP version can now be found on the official site, and it also seems to work in a decent way but full disk encryption in Cyanogenmod 13 is still broken in every build after 29 January 2016.